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Microsoft Shopping Services

Microsoft Advertising is a powerful platform that allows businesses to reach a vast audience across the Microsoft Search Network, comprising the Bing search engine, MSN, and other Microsoft properties. With a distinct user base and innovative features, Microsoft Advertising offers unique advantages for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

Bing's Growing Presence: Microsoft Shopping Services operates within the Bing search engine, which is gaining momentum as a search platform. It presents an opportunity to tap into a distinct user base that might not overlap completely with Google's audience.

Less Competition
While Microsoft Shopping Services is growing, the competition may be less intense compared to Google Shopping, potentially resulting in more favorable CPCs.
Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem
Microsoft Shopping Services integrates with Microsoft properties like Bing, MSN, and Outlook, allowing you to potentially reach users across multiple touch points.
Visual Impact
Microsoft Shopping Services places emphasis on visual appeal, with visually striking product images that can catch users' attention and enhance engagement.

Why Choose Microsoft Shopping Services

Less Competition, Lower Costs
Microsoft Shopping Services offers a potentially less competitive landscape, which can lead to lower costs per click and more cost-effective advertising.
Targeting a Distinct Audience

By advertising on Bing's platform, you can reach users who prefer Bing's search engine, which may align better with your target audience.

Visual Engagement: Microsoft Shopping Services' focus on visually appealing product images can help your products stand out and drive user engagement.

Growing Potential
As Bing gains popularity and market share, investing in Microsoft Shopping Services positions your brand to benefit from this growth.